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    Effective treatment for Medium to Large Varicose Veins Starts Here

    Achieving smooth, sexy legs doesn't have to be a fantasy. Dr. Jay offers Microphlebectomy to help rid his patients of medium to large Varicose Leg Veins. This is an in office treatment that only requires a local anesthetic and has minimal downtime.

    How does it work?

    A local anesthetic is administered in the office to the areas that are to receive treatment. After being numbed, tiny incisions are made and the unsightly vein is then removed to create an aesthetically pleasing result. There are no negative effects regarding blood flow because the vein is usually close to the surface of the skin. This treatment can also help alleviate painful varicosity.

    This treatment only takes about an hour in the office and there are no pre-op clearances required. The best thing is, once the vein is removed the unsightly or painful effects will not recur.

    If you have a concern about varicose leg veins then give us a call at (714) 832-2222. We offer complimentary consultations and will tailor a treatment plan specifically to you.