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    Controlled Non-Invasive Tissue Heating

    Aging plays a huge role in the change of our face and body. With age comes the signs of sagging skin, forehead wrings, eye bags or eye wrinkles, losing definition in the cheeks, smile lines, and wrinkles in the neck. As we age we produce less and less naturally occurring collagen, faces can begin to look old. There is only so much makeup and moisturizers can do to maintain this problem. However, if you are tired of masking wrinkles and want smooth, youthful skin than we have what you are looking for. Here at Dr. Jays Laser Medi Spa, we offer ThermiSmooth which is treatment to treat wrinkles.

    What is ThermiSmooth?

    Thermismooth is one of our newest treatments that involves the usage of radio-frequency. It is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that can be used on the face and neck to remove the look of wrinkles or create smooth skin. The procedure works by stimulating the natural production of collagen beneath the skin using our hand piece . When the skin is heated to temperatures above 40C, a process is initiated in which the skin begins to tighten and new collagen is produced. After a simple and quick treatment, patients can enjoy a face that is smooth, tight, and healthy looking!

    Process of ThermiSmooth

    The process our patients go through is relaxing and easy. We perform the treatment using a specially-designed hand piece supplied with the ThermiLift system. When applied to the skin, this hand piece begins delivering precise heating to the surface of the skin, which causes the skin to tighten and reduces the effects of aging. The ThermiSmooth hand piece automatically adjusts energy output to the targeted temperature,which ensures our patients have a wonderful outcome.

    What you may Expect:

  • Gentle therapy
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No downtime
  • Series of applications (depending on your desired result)
  • Before and After Photos df ThermiSmooth Patients

    Who is a good candidate for ThermiSmooth?
    To find out if ThermiSmoothâ„¢ is right for you, book your free consulation with us at (714) 832-2222. We look forward to meeting with you.